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Tbilisi Bound

All of the men available moved up toward the landslide to supervise the giant Tonka trucks at work.

Caught a marshrutka at 5am, which meant I was up early enough to get the photo above from outside the Ushba Guesthouse in Mestia. Nine hours in a minivan with only half a dozen people is comfy, only stopping for a landslide, a bite, and occasionally to hand off suspicious manila envelopes at police stations.

Yesterday was a lazy day in downtown Mestia, lingering in the park and loving a dog who is a good friend. The kind of friend you can tell anything to. The kind of friend you can steal from for years and he doesn’t ever suspect you. The kind of friend who sheds profusely in the summer.

View my complete Svaneti photos on Flickr.

downtown mestia
June 30: Downtown Mestia's Hollywood set style and an ice rink, where local disputes are settled
wine on windowsill
June 30: Toasting a Svaneti journey without killing each other (or anyone else to the best of our knowledge)
robin and dog
June 30: Robin and the doggy who gave us nothing but tender, tender love

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