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Caucasian Shepherds Need Love Too

Go ahead, give ’em a tickle

Another road trip into Kakheti. This time to Akhmeta along the restored road over the pass and looping back via another swimming hole. A day full of Swiss cheese (though I have my doubts, seeing as it had no holes), picnicking, and jumping off loose rocks into presumably deep water. Oh, and I got to drive a Niva again. Ypa!

As we consumed our second picnic meal of the day, after a swim, the two dogs above snuck over to say hello. Luckily Hans keeps dog food in his car. He does not own a dog but my assumption is just that he’s an eccentric snacker.

Bred to protect livestock from wolves, the Caucasian shepherd is something of a fluffy badass, weighing over 100 pounds and yet still able to leap a capital T in a single bound.

picnic bunch
Even without their instruments these guys look cool.
ads on wall in akhmeta
Fancy old school ads somewhere in Kakheti where you can buy ice cream.
man in hat
This photo would be a lot funnier if these guys weren't standing at the scene of a car accident.
hans and caitlin's headstand
Hans makes mental notes of Caitlin's perfect headstand.
falk with his swiss army knife
In the hands of a man from Bern, this multi- tool is lethal.

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