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Was There A Ferris Wheel in Tron?

Tonight we relived that scene from Tron when Beau Bridges celebrates July 4 on a Ferris Wheel with post-war profiteer Alan Rickman, who comments, “Would you really feel any pity if any of those dots stopped moving forever?” Then Bridges kills him with an electric Frisbee.

Tbilisi’s Ferris/Devil’s Wheel is a relatively impressive 260-feet high. It looks big, takes 20 minutes to complete a full rotation, and feels big. But it’s still only the 26th tallest ever built, less than half the height of the current title holder, the Singapore Flyer, and what I find most disappointing is that #25 is the original Ferris Wheel built in 1893, which stood two feet higher.

In any case, it’s still the tallest in Western Tbilisi. Okay, fine, Eastern Europe. And it’s where a gaggle of expats decided to spend July 4 this year. For about $3.50 you can enjoy a compartment with a television set and four of your closest friends. Or you could try to sneak in with a young Georgian couple and watch them make out.

funicular  car
Abandoned funicular car on the hike up to the amusement park. It could also potentially be a ride in its own right if they'd just loosen up the brakes a bit.
Ferris Wheel
80 meters of fun
tv tower and and ferris wheel cars
Bright, shiny toys on top of Mtatsminda
spinning sparkler
Aviva whirls out her abstract vision of "Freedom"
jenn and andrew on independence day with fan
The patriot and her former overlord

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