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I Have a Refreshed Passport. I Do Not Have Photos from the Last Few Days.

circular stairwell
July 5: There are a lot of outdoor circular stairways like this in Tbilisi. A few actually go to nowhere.

With only four full pages left available in my passport, I went to the embassy yesterday and for $82 had another 24 added. Now it’s a fat little Bible of stamps, alphabets, and opportunity.

While waiting for the surgery to be completed, I reviewed the other services available. The most expensive listed is the form to renounce your citizenship, which costs $450. Who knew it cost so much to quit being an American?

At least a friend tipped me off that I could avoid the hefty taxi fare by hopping the metro most of the way there, departing from Rustaveli station, pictured above. Soviet metro stations are built deep to act as bomb shelters. Tbilisi’s was the USSR’s fourth system, after Moscow, Leningrad, and Kiev. So there you go.

jenn at chinese restaurant
July 7: I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant with Jenn and Caitlin. Other than that, don't know where the day went.


  1. guinevere

    i believe on the afternoon of july 6th you boiled frozen pelmeni, strained them, slapped on a sizable dollop of sour cream—and here’s where my memory fails me: was it ketchup, too? and then ate waaaaaaaaay too many.
    in a flash of dramatic irony, that evening you strummed ‘closer i am to fine’ on the guitar.
    it is best that there are no pictures, particularly if the indigo girls are involved.

    • expatmonkey

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think you have me confused with someone from the early 90s.

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