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Croquet is Such Sweet Sorrow

leslie with mallet
Tomorrow this woman will be dead to us

Lovely Leslie leaves tomorrow for Tajikistan and thus, croquet and sangria at the Tbilisi hippodrome.

Sunset silhouettes to match.

As you can see in the above photo, we’re still putting the finishing touches on our musical about the life of John Henry, tentatively titled Steel Drivin’.

croquet mallet to the jimmy
Carnival games
Leslie croquets the yellow ball
Jenn Lappin, sangria, and croquet mallet at Tbilisi hippodrome
Lawn games always make a nice distraction from thesis writing.


  1. Hans

    first socialism crashed, and now it is mocked, with people swinging frivolous mallets instead of honest hammers. There is no justice in this world.

  2. guinevere

    free association:
    the novel ‘john henry days’ is good summah reading.

    here’s some blues for the steel-drivin men n women out there:

    and hans, i believe our mallets were made in the people’s republic of china. the spirit lives on.

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