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You Can’t Pickle the Invisible Runner

Wiffle ball afternoon on Tbilisi Sea, followed by beers and late-night swimmin’ at Betsy’s.

Okay, it’s clear I’ve taken a hiatus from being a traveler and have settled briefly into being a Tbilisi expat again. Which is not a bad thing, but I don’t know how much anyone else really wants to read about it or see photos of my Wiffle ball games. Or my interpretive needlepoint.

So I’ll be brief. And, with a little luck, I’ll be back on the road, on my way to Turkey come Monday. Ish.

falk, caitlin, clare, jenn
If you've ever had a conversation with Jenn, chances are you made at least one of the three faces above.

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  1. Caitlin

    That was just me expressing doubt over Jenn’s softball abilities. I was later proved wrong in a most spectacularly humiliating way: Jenn laid it all out on a dive to first and tagged me out, then walked away like she does that every day (which I know for a fact to be untrue).

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