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Sayonara, Sakartvelo

I considered getting a cheap apartment for a month and further wandering around the country and embracing Tbilisi, but the country’s not scheduled to go anywhere and I’m sure I’ll be back.

I spent two days or so ill this week so I did not leave and I did not get much done (including photos). I think I’ve been eating too many pelmeni and too little of anything else.

But finally this morning, several days later than scheduled, I made it back to the Black Sea border town of Sarpi after the overnight train to Batumi. The photo above was taken at the same café as my borjomi & khatchapuri entry a little over a month ago. In the background you can see the border traffic and the goofy soundwave-shaped control tower the Georgians are building.

I procrastinated the crossing by dipping my feet in the sea and chilling on the stony beach for a spell beside pale Georgians and shaggy dogs.

After hopping a taxi into Hopa, I caught another taxi to catch up to an 8.5-hour bus to Kars, near the Armenian border.

Okay, that’s enough blah blah blah recitation of my day. Tomorrow, the old Armenian capital of Ani. After that we’ll see. Hopefully I don’t turn into a Kars expat on somebody’s couch looking for macaroni and cheese and Eggos.

narekala and hotel lady
July 10: Narekala Fortress and Tbilisi's world-renowned Hotel Lady
blurry fireworks
July 11: I heard fireworks and went to take a photo. Unfortunately, I forgot to change the settings and so got this twisted neon blur.
July 12: Took the metro to the train station to buy a ticket, only to realize I'd forgotten my passport. Feeling ill and lazy, I deferred the purchase 'til the next day.
bubbles going out the window
July 13: My photographic laziness reaches a new low. Bubbles.
Clare and Jenn
July 14: Clare and Jenn share their favorite Keith stories over beers at Reiner's before I head off for my train.

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