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Might’ve Been Blue: Prague Skies with Props


You can probably skip this entry if you’re in a rush. See if I care.

My choo-choo was delayed leaving from Bratislava, as well as on the route to Prague. The train just wasn’t up for the journey today.

So, I got into Prague in the early evening and took my first stroll at duskish and recollected my long-lost tangential associations with this town. (Wow, MS Word accepts the word “duskish.”)

It’s my first time in Prague. I know I’m a couple decades late to catch it as a charming, off-the-beaten-path destination, and I think these first photos show that I haven’t scooped up anything profound or original yet from the city of Kafka, Kundera, and Janacek, whose bust I like to believe still haunts someone’s office in my old workplace.

Streetlight and chimney in Prague, Europe.


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