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Get That Freak Off My Building

And Other Tales of the Industrial Gargoyle

babies on tv tower
Why yes, those are giant baby statues crawling up the TV tower. It's funny, for now.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad that he was in a nasty chemical disaster in my factory, but put him in a bubble and be done with it. Tell him to give the hat back too. It’s company property.

Oh, Prague, how much can we learn from your stony stone figurines?

I wouldn't take an apple from this crazy bitch who looks like she just went swimming in a tar pit, much less a locked chest.
Workers of the world, unite!
statues and H & M poster
I'm not sure if the statues are mocking the models or vice versa. Either way, I bet they all like to party in the wee hours.
(honorable mention) At least he's not a wedding photographer.

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  1. katey

    It’s like they recruit the road crew at the beach.

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