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Sarajevo’s Olympic Past

I vividly remember being an 11 year old glued to the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo for Torvill and Dean of the United Kingdom, who earned across-the-board perfect scores for artistic impression in the free dance ice dancing competition. That may well be the highest athletic achievement I’ll ever witness in my lifetime.

It was the second Olympics in a Communist country (after the 1980 Moscow Olympics). Before the collapse of Yugoslavia and before the streets of Sarajevo became a bloody, battered battleground, amateur athletes from around the world came here to ski, to skate, to play the ice hockey, and to luge their way into history. Yes, even the lugers get lucky sometimes.

Just another extinguished flame in a formerly Communist country.
Rose (and Jim's) daughter Talin begs to hear another story about Biathlete Eirik Kvalfoss.

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