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No Plan, No Ticket

Long hours of transportation and waiting at the Simferopol train station, trying to get a sleeper ticket to Odesa. But they are sold out and the complicated auxiliary info provided is confusing to me because my Russian is, apparently, very rusty. So I found the bus station and tomorrow will overnight by that less-comfy means of transportation to Odesa.

That was most of my day. Getting from Yalta to Simferopol, figuring out transportation out of Crimea, and then hopping a bus here to nearish-by Bakchysaray, old Tatar capital of Crimea and rich with Islamic history and all that jazz.

So for photos today I’m using people lingering about the Simferopol train station. I bitched my woes to the couple at top but I don’t think they were paying much attention to me.

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