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You Are What You Eat

Whatever that may be.

I’m only in Bangkok for a few hours before it’s sleepytime and then catching a flight to Bali. So I got a room by the airport instead of visiting a friend downtown that I keep seeming to miss in multiple time zones.

So, I went for a stroll to find some street dinner and for some reason got it to go. Maybe because I didn’t (don’t) know exactly what it was, how I’m going to approach eating it, or how I will react to it when it goes down. I mean, it’s not like it’s octopus beaks or anything, I’m just a bit of a sissy. Anthony Bourdain would spit on me if he ever met me. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Unless he also gives me his autograph, then it evens out.

Masked takeaway specialists
Dawn at BKK



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  5. erkk mana ade aku ckp tersirat2, aku ckp mcm direct je.. btw aku skarang ni akan komen bidas org2 yg sukaa sgt mengutuk org lain kat bn ni.. diorg ni pakai ckp je ko ngan aku org yg sama, ntah2 dia dah biasa komen pastu puji diri sendiri blk..kang aku suruh check ip, xreti.. ntah2 ip pun xtau ape, ip tu bukan ipman ye wahai langau2..Hot debate. What do you think? 15  6

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