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Swimming with the Sea Dorks of Sipadan

A discount dive shop has its risks. Such as my dive buddy having both regulators fail within 10 minutes. A kind divemaster strapped her to her octopus and away they went. Mine was fine, and so I got the photos here. I’ve never used an underwater camera before, which is probably obvious.

I’m told Sipadan, off the northeastern tip of Borneo, is one of the best dive spots in the world. With less than a dozen dives under my weight belt, my opinion doesn’t carry a lot of weight.

But the volume of reef sharks, tornadoes of barracuda, sea turtles, jackfish, and coral-crunching bumpheaded parrot fish (at top) makes it feel like you’re diving in a Disney movie. Which reminds me, clownfish too. Which are much less creepy than real clowns.

I thought I saw a mermaid, but it turned out to just be some Australian diver. Wish I’d figured that out before I speargunned her.



  1. Roald

    Amazing photos Keith! Awesome!

  2. Ari

    Awesome pics Keith, brings back great memories, especially the one with the huge school of fish swimming in a circle.

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