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Cu Chi Cu Chi Coo!

While the Vietnamese tunnels of Cu Chi, a short drive from Saigon, may feel like a Burger King playground for adults, they’re actually the result of burrowing Viet Cong soldiers desperately trying to survive amid the patrols and under bombardment way back when.

The claustrophobic entrances and subterranean passages (snapshot of an intersection between levels at top) are fascinating, but that inescapable background kinda takes away the ability for me to call them ‘fun.’ And once again left me uninterested in taking advantage of the capitalized opportunity presented to fire a machine gun on the premises for a few bucks.

Under the right circumstances I’m curious what it’s like to shoot an M-16, AK-47, M-30, or, good Lord, an M-60 machine gun. But not at a place that memorializes the tragic lengths that people were forced to go to and horrific booby-trap reminders of what young soldiers encountered only a few years before I was born (Okay, fine. Technically while I was an infant too). And especially not after your tour guide says, “It’s your decision everybody, but I suggest you use your money for something more peaceful.”

It still makes a nice day trip. Especially if you always wanted to know what it feels like to live like a naked mole rat.

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