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Gorgin’ En Masse

We’ll all get there.

This was a much larger group than I’m used to going into the nature with, but a good mixed group of foreign peoples like me and Kyrgyz and Russians delving up into Sokuluk Gorge, an hour or so outside of Bishkek.

It was a solid intro to the Kyrgyz Trekking Union, with whom I’m off for four days next week, now that I’m confident they’re not going to abduct me in a sack as a Kyrgyz bride. For better or worse.


  1. Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biiggty.

  2. Alweer iets nieuws op je website, ik zal alles natuurlijk regelmatig komen bekijken en lezen.Hopelijk komen er ook wat oude foto’s op enzo …En dit is nu de ideale manier om wat contact te houden met de familie.Misschien moeten we een weblog beginnen ook in ‘t nederlands en/of frans.Veel succes en de groeten in Byfang.jan vanuit zijne bureau 31 januari 7u40(vandaag naamfeest Don Bosco !!)jan vanquaille am 31 Januar, 2006

  3. It’s always a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!

  4. Eureka!!… dunque con questa sicura scoperta apre una serie di considerazioni!. Oltre a quella che forse c’era la vita oppure c’è già da adesso…. e che se l’uomo andrà su Marte sicuramente non avrà problemi con la sopravvivenza avendo la materia prima essenziale per la vita stessa, L’acqua!.E’ fantastico!!!…..Ciao Luigi,Buona domenica.MAX

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