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Carrying On in Karaganda

Goodbye, Lenin.

"Don't look up. I'm pretty sure he's still watching us."

A few photos from roaming the streets of Kazakhstan’s 3rdcity—my home away from home away from home 15 years ago.

The giant heated Lenin statue has been replaced with an independence monument, and there are a few new megamalls, but otherwise it still feels like the yummy green city in the steppe I remember.

But it’s just not the same place without Ken’s hashbrowns, Mark’s borrowed bluejeans, and Tracie’s shower & kitchen.

Also see Titanic Tile Murals of the Proletariat and Piping Hot Pipe Dreams.

Good ol’ fashioned miraculous fun at the park.

(L) You’re damn right it is. (R) You’re in Lenin country now, son.
(L) “I’m so glad we’re finally doing this.” (R) Windows are overrated.
Monument to Kazakhstan’s first cosmonaut, what’s-his-name.
Megamalls are one thing, but lights in the переход? Nope.
A Great Wall of Karaganda.
“Who dyes your hair?”

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