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Head ’em Off at the Pass

I wanted a whole blog entry just for the Ziyorat Pass. After three nights by Kulikalon Lake, decided to take the long way back to town, over a 3150m pass with no discernible trail.

By my map, it was pretty damn obvious where the pass was: between the two big blocks of rock. So I just bushwhacked back and forth up the grassy slope hoping it wouldn’t be a false peak. Or, well, false pass. Which sounds like something from football. (Ok, fine, dad and Mark, I don’t really have a right to make athletic references.)

But upon reaching the ridge, it really did turn out to be a perfect ridge with steep slopes on either side. I don’t know why I found this as fascinating as I did, but I stayed up there for almost an hour—eating lunch and jogging about to find good spots to photograph it from.

Unfortunately much of the rest of the day was a steep descent down pathless, tape-tearing scree in heavy hail, but you can’t have everything.

For old time's sake


  1. Fitz

    And I thought Alaska couldn’t be beat for fabulous views. Wrong. Stay safe brother.

  2. jfap

    The premise of this blog post is similar to 128 hours. I hope you have a high quality pocket knife or bone saw with you.

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