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We are Langar. We are Zong.

Kneel before Zong.

How can you not love a town called Zong? Especially when its most-significant landmark is the remains of a fortress that was once allegedly covered in silk.

I might’ve opted to place the fort a hundred kilometers down the road in Shitkharv, but to each their own.

In any case, here are a few photos from my meander down the road to Zong and back to Langar, where I decided to linger a little longer. Note that I have no photos here of the fortress, because it’s a pile of rubble. So it’s the Langaris and Zongoloids instead. As you may notice, moustaches and red clothing on children are both quite popular.

Don't feel bad. The little guy got the chair last time.
Don't be fooled. The last tooth is always the most vicious.

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