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Everything Was Fine Until the Naked Little Boys Arrived

Despite my interest in increasing readership, I really hope that title doesn’t draw any creepy people to my site. And I’ll state clearly now that there are no nude photos on this post.

But there I was, after a long hike up to Bibi Fatima hot spring, above and beyond the Tajik Wakhan village of Toghuz, wedged into the crack of a mountain gorge. I was lucky enough to have the men’s section to myself for about ten minutes. Steaming, sulfurous water spills out right from the rock wall (as well as from pipes coming out of the rock to recycle the water quickly into a stream below and keep the bathing pool from becoming nasty, like that time I just kept reheating my bath water for six months in an ill-conceived ecological initiative that left me with a curious fungus that still haunts me when my body temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

Anyway, shortly after my arrival, a pack of half a dozen naked Kyrgyz boys funneled in to splash and swim about, occasionally falling onto me and almost crashing into my special purpose a couple times. And for me, well, that can still be a little weird.


  1. Josh Peck

    Too late.

  2. Bill Fitz-Patrick

    Hope you’re doing well and staying safe. When I pull up your site on my 27″ screen the crowd starts to gather. That line “Don’t be fooled. The last tooth……..” had them in stitches. Yours is going to be one hell of a book. Paul Thoreaux eat your heart out.

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