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Yurt by the Inland Sea: Donkeying Around

Pillow fights on donkeys? Yes, please!

It wasn’t the most-skilled horse games I’ve ever seen, but they may have been the most entertaining. They were initiated by a rousing few rounds of “Catching the Bride,” where women flee men on horses for about a football field. They then turn around and she beats him.

Then several dashes of “Catching the Corn,” where riders hang off their horses to try to pick up rags off the ground. Next, bring on “Flip the Saddle,” where two riders wrestle from their mounts and attempt to bring their opponent to the ground. Especially entertaining when two British fellows go at it with admirable enthusiasm at least.

But how can you beat pillow fights on the backs of donkeys? Especially when these aren’t NASA memory foam or fluffy balls of cotton, but seemingly sacks full of potatoes. Sure, we all feel bad when the donkey takes a misplaced bash on the noggin’, but seeing a dude on a donkey get clocked with a heavy sack is like watching Ewoks ambush Juan Valdez. And that alone is worth the price of admission. I hate Juan Valdez.

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  1. susan

    Love the incongruous pasty Brits at the end. Thos guys are going to be dining off this story for a decade.

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