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Yurt by the Inland Sea: the Birds that Kill

Kiew duh Waaabbit! Kiew duh Waaaabbit!

This is why we all came, to see birds of prey hunt (hence the name of the event: Birds of Prey Festival). The smaller raptors were conned into chasing a live pigeon being orbited on a string by a lassoing Kyrgyz man. For a few fateful seconds the poor pigeon probably thought he was in cosmonaut training.

The bigger birds were given free rein to go after a rabbit that had been released (tossed) into an open field. Little bunny seemed to be thinking, “Seriously?” Even the eagles seemed to think it was unsporting. In one of the photos below you can see where he seems to be telling his handler, “I’m not feeling great about myself right now.”

It was quite uneventful. We didn’t even get to share the rabbit afterwards. We just applauded awkwardly and then waited for the horse games. Still, check it off the list.

And while all this was going on, the ducks out back were savagely devouring watermelons. Now who’s laughing? (The ducks.)


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