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No, Actually We Have Not Arrived Yet

I do love the train. Oh man I love the train. You don’t even know. And an upper berth in a 4-bed kupe, please. Twenty-two hours from Almaty to Zhangis Tobe and a 90-minute taxi to Ust-Kamenogorsk.

And nothing but steppe in between.

I tried to switch my ticket for one all the way to Ust, but the women working in the Almaty II train station conspired against me, inventing loops of bureaucracy that I failed to penetrate. I bet they read a lot of Kafka.

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  1. Сымбат

    День добрый! Как вы оцениваете обслуживание в поездов?

    Хотел сказать что ваш блог очень интересный и много полезных информации.

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