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Dispatches from a Dictator: Stalin’s New Economic Plan

He’s not hanging out in a Memphis Denny’s, or hiding in an Abbottabad compound, but Uncle Joe is alive and well. And, as it turns out, dispatching taxi drivers in the northeastern Kazakhstan city of Ust-Kamenogorsk (no, not that kind of ‘dispatching’ this time).

Ripping on the Communist past through advertising is a bizarre and always entertaining facet of business in the former Soviet Union. By the looks of this billboard, Stalin is now managing a taxi company, declaring “Comrade Client! Our phone number has changed!!!” (Really? Three exclamation marks?) And “Comrades! Demand to turn on the meter. By the meter is cheaper!”

It’s comforting to know even after all these years he’s still looking out for us.

And every Christmas, one lucky passenger wins a trip to Thailand and a million tenge, about $6,667 USD (though this does sound suspiciously like the ruse in the movie The Island). The great migrater has switched destinations from Kolyma to Ko Samui. I guess everyone really does mellow with age.

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  1. Bill Fitz-Patrick

    I wonder what he was doing in the early 70’s. He would have “killed” on the show TAXI. He would have been so much better than Danny DeVito.

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