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Happy Birthday, Oskemen

Ust-Kamenogorsk (aka in Kazakh Oskemen) is eight years away from its 200th birthday and doesn’t have a thing to wear. The Russians threw up a fort here in 1720 and dominated the city through its Soviet hockey and uranium processing period, up until just the last few years.

Feels pretty split down the middle now between Kazakhs and Russians, though the  city does boast about a hundred ethnicities, all of them out in force to celebrate this glorious day of days. Some of them even breakdancing.

A bold escape that will be remembered and retold for generations.
In 20 years her therapist will label her delusional.
Runs like a dream. A socialist dream implemented through a paranoid dictatorship.
Breakin' 3: Techno boogaloo
Like we didn't already know you're packing a handgun. Please.
I think the girl in blue is about to be either kissed or stabbed, but I don't know which. I never do.
Senorita Donna Gato was a cat (meow meow meow).
Lisa Loeb's illegitimate Russian daughter.
We are Ust-Kamenogorsk. Boobs, ambiguous genders, and bigass stringed instruments.
It wouldn't be a spektakl without a short-skirted sexy dance.
This woman never made it more than seven steps through the day without posing somewhere. Fair enough.
This is not a natural color for a bird. Not even in northeastern Kazakhstan.
Children are paraded before a bride as a final test of confidence in her pending nuptials.
His intense enthusiasm makes me question his motives for getting into the school bus.
Before you ask, yes, that's really her.
Finally found a use for all those old tear gas canisters.

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