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Give Me an Ungulate and a Grunting Ox. To go.

Every Sunday Chinese, Uighur, and tourists come out for Kashgar’s animal bazaar. Camels, yaks, sheep, bulls, and more get prodded and poked and haggled over until some lucky landowner takes one home to love and cherish as his very own.

I recently learned that the latin name for the domesticated yak means “grunting ox.” Hardly seems fair if you ask me.


  1. randy

    nice diamond dave reference

    • expatmonkey

      Good catch! I don’t think I can even use the phrase “to go” without thinking of “Yankee Rose.”

  2. Joshua Peck

    I really love http://www.expatmonkey.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2012101_029.jpg — I can’t imagine looking anymore comfortable with my head tied to a rope.

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