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Expressway from Mongolian Minerals to the Mouth of Mao

For a remote border between NW China and SW Mongolia, the Bulgan crossing is startlingly well paved. I caught a shared taxi to the nearest town and then a ride with a driver on his way to the nearest north regional capital of Khovd.

The first four hours of the drive flew by in the images here. Then we got dinner at 6pm in a ger. When we came out, the road died out with the sun and for the next six hours we rumbled across steppe in the dark. No sign of any road or anything at all in any direction. And with clouds all above, it really just felt like we were driving through empty space, man. Bumpy, empty space.

As I later found out, the asphalt stretch was paved by the Chinese and runs directly from the mines to the border.

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