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Khovd: Where the Statues Poop on Fleeing Children

My first full day in Mongolia and the first thing I came across this morning was the above-pictured statue of a man that seems to be defecating on passing youth. It’s in front of a sports facility, so I could be mistaken. But it’s also possible that this is a sport with which I am not yet familiar. One wrestler, no cup.

The city also has a large monastery a few kilometers south of town. You might think that it was so placed to ensure a sense of distance from the busy downtown, but then you’d think the town might’ve had the respect not to put an amusement park directly across the street. You can see the ferris wheel from the entrance to the main temple.

Oh, Khovd. It feels like any post-Soviet Peace Corps town. And essentially is. And it’s cold already. I probably should’ve figured that. When did it become late October all of a sudden?

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