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The House in a Cold Steppe Cul de Sac

This is the house where it all happened. Or did it?

Sorry, I didn't realize there was a dead fox in the closet.

My four days with a Kazakh family nestled outside of Tolbo, Mongolia, primarily all happened in this house. Occasionally I’d go outside and then I’d get really cold and I’d go back in.

Drinking a gallon of salty butter tea a day though requires a lot of visits to the out of doors.

The front/side door, insulated with a hide.
I initially thought this was where they were going to dump my body. Then I realized it was a future latrine, pre-dug for winter (the current one is behind the mud bricks in the background, to the left of the dung piles).

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  1. lizzie b

    Are those solar panels on the outside of the house? What do they fuel?

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