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The Strange Climate of the Hole in the Wall Hangout

Freezing wind just outside the door, crisp snowfall scraping the hillsides, and untouched snowless plains off in the distance. And how about those two cloud fronts colliding into the big blue?

It was like Superman III all over again.

Or like the gods of weather were having a field day. If there really are weather gods, I bet they’re bitter about which jurisdiction they received to lord over. I bet they get a lot of love from the farmers though. Those people are just goofy about the weather. Don’t get them going or they’ll never stop talking about the weather. I used to know a kid like that at summer camp, but I think he had issues.

It was windy. That kind of windy. And sure, my trousers were that kind of dirty.
This scene made me think for a minute that I was at a much higher elevation than a couple thousand meters. (Not really. I'm just trying to be poetic and pretend I was lost in the moment.)
And then come around the corner and poof, nothin'. Don't try to tell me Ross Webster and Gus Gorman aren't up to their old tricks again.
It turns out horses get pissed off at bad weather too. They just hide it better.

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