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Ulgii: Where the Wind Meets the Sand Meets the Snow for Tea

When you're a jet, you're a jet. / Shoot first, aim later.

It is windy here, but that doesn’t stop people from going to the market.

Or keep the cows from wandering otherwise empty main streets on a Sunday.

Or the statues from shooting backwards into crowds.

It’s Ulgii. Things happen.

If I were that cow, I'd be freakin' out right now. 'Cus, you know, you just don't know.
Pitching? Pitching?! Pitching they have. What they need is a solid cleanup hitter.
The only thing that's not black & white is the factory. Which is brown.
I think it's pretty obvious what's going on with this woman, her briefcase, her mask, and her sack. I just wish it weren't so common sometimes.
Finishing touches on the laziest glass coffee table ever.
Does anyone have something edible that isn't round?
Those things'll kill you.
Technically I'm still not allowed past the turnstile, but who would know?

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