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Mongolian Sand in the Setting Sun’s Shifting Shadows

20121108_316So the Gobi isn’t actually a particularly sandy desert. And I didn’t actually get to the Gobi, but in central Mongolia there too are some sand dunes, Khoryn Els, where you can watch the sun go down, leap about, and pretend that it goes on for miles and you crossed it all alone on a parched camel while finding yourself and listening to Lawrence of Arabia on your iPod.

Or you can watch the dual sunset while John Williams woos you into joining the Rebel Alliance.

Nobody needs to know you’re not actually hardcore.

I swear I saw Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward fleeing here earlier in the day.
The ripples really make you think about what we're all doing here, and why everyone's still screaming.
French love. It's like regular love except, well, you know...French.
Each of us remained terrified and silent until the giant Cheerio had passed across the sky.
You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!
Vichy or Bust.
A wee weed in the wind makes pretty pictures in the sand.
Mongolian desert steppe at dusk, and a plane.


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