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Starry Sky for the Exposed Eye

A shifty camel for a shifty fellow from down under.

The Mongolian sky doesn’t look remotely like this to the naked eye. No sky does, but if you leave your shutter open long enough (just 30 seconds in this case but at ISO3200), there’s apparently a lot out there.

Still, there’s enough of an open, unlit sky to see with the naked eye the Milky Way and make you want to crouch out a while in the freezing Mongolian steppe for several exposures and some yak and doggy companionship. And, if you’re inclined, a sheep or two.

As for the mysterious woman exiting the ger in the photo up top? Is she who we think she is? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

Over the course of 130 seconds, the Milky Way begins to spin, and your fingers begin to get numb because you didn't bring a remote trigger.
One full second of smoke and shadows and clouds and sky.
Now that we're all in the ger, the truth becomes all too clear.


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