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Born Again from the Sacred Mountain Womb

“It’s good luck. Just climb in head first, turn clockwise, and then come out.”

“Do people get ever get stuck?”


This was my dialogue with our tour guide about climbing into the sacred mountain birth canal above a mountain monastery in central Mongolia.

She made it look so easy. Caterpillar your way in, twist and bend, and come out head first.

So I gave it a whirl. It wasn’t so bad. Going in was the hard part; getting out was easy. Kinda like the opposite of the Iraq War. With much fewer dead people.

The monastery is another on the comeback after decades of decay under Communist governments. Following recent precipitation, it was about a two-hour hike through about a foot of snow.

In addition to the sacred womb, I and the only other man in our little group got to go over to a ledge of the mountain reserved for men. It wasn’t as thrilling as you’d think. I kinda thought there would be a stash of porno mags or something, but just a stupa and a “for biden to woman” sign. Lame.

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  1. Th’ats going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

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