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Between the Hip and the Whip the Sun Did Set

I Sprang from the Groin of a Silver Conqueror and Looked Upon a Vacant Empi20121108_741re

An hour or so outside of Ulaanbaatar stands glimmering horse with rider, 130-feet high, gazing east. It’s our old friend Chinggis Khan, looking toward the land he was off to conquer when he died in 1227 in the empire of the Tanguts.

Allegedly it’s built about the spot that he found his famous golden whip (Golden whip? Golden whip? Three golden whips.), but it seems like that’s just an excuse to use some cheap land for a big statue and a theme park (coming soon!).

In the basement is a museum; on the first floor you can dress up in period clothing, stand in front of an enormous boot, and get your photo snapped as you put on your best rape and pillage face. But hop in the elevator and then up a short set of stairs (clearly not intended for the handicapped, but let’s face it, they wouldn’t have survived long in Temujin’s time) and you’ll arrive at the metal viewing platform.

It was only when headed back down that I realized the entrance/exit to the platform is through the great khan’s groin. When I realized the oddity, I looked up into the Silver Surfer’s mug and he was overtly avoiding my gaze, and doing his best to keep a straight face. Ha ha.

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