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Tiananmen Square: Now I Know How Rockwell Felt

I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me. Though to be fair, my meds ran out about a week ago.

Tiananmen Square seems to have about as many video cameras as a reality TV set. A really boring reality TV set.

Unfortunately I chose to come during the closing of the Communist Party conference (I wonder if they had confetti cannons) and on the day of the week that Mao’s tomb is closed. I was hoping to add it to my collection of visits to creepy preserved dead people in glass boxes, along with Lenin in Moscow, King Tut near Luxor, and that hobo in my basement.

If they’d put the cameras up a bit sooner, maybe they could’ve recorded the destruction of Beijing’s city walls by the government way back when. Now there are enormous, beautiful gates such as this one, with no walls. Poetic? Metaphorical? No, don’t be an ass.


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