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Beijing’s Palaces and Stuff

20121114_700While waiting for the doors to open for an acrobats show, I fell into a conversation with some Americans in town for a GPS conference. One noted that the Forbidden Palace was okay, but after you’ve seen a couple of red pagoda temples, you’ve kind of seen them all. But I’m sure it’s much more interesting for the locals.

I rolled my eyes internally (which can be painful if you don’t do it right), thinking that each one has its own charm if you know the history. Then I went to the Palace of Heaven, the Forbidden Palace, and the Summer Palace. It’s true, they each have their charms. But, yeah, I’m pagoda’ed out too. Like cathedrals in Europe, mosques in the Middle East, or Poles in Pittsburgh, they all start to look the same after a little while.

20121118_0334 20121114_895 20121114_887 20121114_848 20121114_766 20121114_656 20121114_642 20121114_361

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  1. lizzie b

    Pagodas may get old. On the other hand, those bad English translations never do.

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