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There Is Landslip In This Way So…

You should really finish your thought before you decide to paint it on a rock. But on a large stone face on a bonus loop of the hike through Tiger Leaping Gorge, someone had painted “There is a landslip in this way so”. I guess you can assume the rest.

If you can’t draw you’re own conclusions, you deserve to get caught in a landslip in this way.

20121128_0364The total hike through a steep, narrow gorge in northwestern Yunnan is very Chinese—full of people and never too far from pavement and more people. It kicks off with a respectable incline for a couple hours. About halfway up there’s an enterprising woman selling Gatorade, Snickers, and marijuana (“real stuff to help you conquer the 28 bends”).

The second day can take you back down to the road, or you can loop back through a bamboo jungle where there apparently was a slip. That explains why the trail was more scattered footsteps over crumbling rockface, roots, and displaced bamboo than anything else.

It was a pretty way to kill a few days, but not exactly communing with the nature. The best thing about the whole trip was Paco. Oh Paco. More on him later.

Looks like somebody loves her corn., In fact, I think that’s what she’s got in place of teeth. 

Because this hillside just has to have a road.
Because this hillside just has to have a road.



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