Since 2010, I’ve been telling true stories in front of live audiences, mostly with Story District (formerly SpeakeasyDC).

A Virgin in Kazakhstan (8:20

Faith, Death, and Conspiracy: A Story About Loss (9:54)

My Frightening, Naked Ukrainian Host Grandfather (10:58)

Hardcore Man Wilderness Story (9:33)


Keeping it Professional in Panama (9:05)

The Line between Romance and Obsession (8:31) Not a Big Deal: An Extended Honeymoon (12:02) 

Second Love (10:03)

I’m Not Crazy: a One-Hour One-Man Show about One Time in Kazakhstan (51:41) Synopsis: Running off to Kazakhstan for two years after college seemed like such a good idea until Keith actually got to Kazakhstan. After 18 months of cabbage, cold, and confusion, he began weighing whether this was the best or worst decision of his life, and what he was going to do about it.

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